Small Copper Hair Clip with Leaf Design

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Small-sized, leaf-patterned copper barrette with a quality two-part steel clip. This clip style is a bit lower profile than the french clips I use for my medium and large barrettes. This makes it well suited for holding side-swept hairstyles since it sits closer to the head.

Each barrette is handcrafted. First, the pattern is impressed on the copper in a rolling mill, then the shape is hand-cut and the edges smoothed. The clip is securely hand-riveted in place with copper wire-no glue to fail!!

The barrette is polished and coated with a wax that will slow the natural patina process.

The patterned top measures approximately 2 3/4" x 5/8".
The clip measures 60mm long with an approximate opening of 1 5/8".

This is a SMALL barrette and best suited for side-swept hairstyles and half-up styles that hold back just a small portion of your hair. See photos for scale.

Each hair barrette is handcrafted. The design placement will vary.

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