Hand-crafted metalsmith sterling silver jewelry by Tampa, FL artist Linda Pieroth Smith. 


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MosaicSmith represents my creative journey in handmade, which began when I envisioned mosaic art as the ideal solution to decorate my patio after a move to sunny, hot and humid, Tampa, Florida. To add dimension to my mosaics, I learned to glass enamel my own hand-shaped copper elements. The process involves using either a torch or kiln to heat glass grains until they fuse. So fun!! From there, I’ve expanded my metalworking skills and have focused on hand-crafted metalsmith jewelry since 2014. 


When creating my jewelry, my starting place is always a picture in my head and raw materials: copper, brass, and sterling silver sheet metal and wire plus semi-precious gemstones and glass enamel. From there, I use jeweler’s hand tools to cut, saw, texture (with a hammer or rolling mill), and/or forge the solid metal elements to begin to bring the design to life. These elements will be torch soldered or connected with a cold connection like rivets. I use very few commercially made pieces, mostly sterling silver earring posts, ear nuts, and sometimes ear wires and chains. 


The common thread through all my projects is a love of nature, especially birds, as well as geometry & patterns. And color, I love color! I strive to create unique, quality, products always handcrafted one at a time. Some designs are simpler and can be reproduced but many are exclusive, intricate and one of a kind. 


All pieces in my shop are ready to ship and will be on their way to you no later than the next business day. 


Custom orders are available on select jewelry items if materials are in stock. Email to inquire: LindaSmith@mosaicsmith.com or click 'Contact' above.


Curious to see behind-the-scenes metalsmithing info? See my MosaicSmith Instagram page and MosaicSmith.com on TikTok.


Linda's jewelry is also available at http://MosaicSmith.etsy.com

Blog with mosaic how-to's: http://MosaicSmith.Blogspot.com



Mixed media mosaic of a curious egret encountered on vacation in Sarasota, FL. 2009, NFS.

Select mosaic art images are available as prints on FineArtAmerica.

Florida birds make a regular appearance on my jewelry. So fascinating to me!

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