Located in the Tampa area of Florida, I am artist Linda Pieroth Smith. I design and create fine mosaic wall art, functional mosaics and contemporary jewelry.

My creative journey began in 2005 with a desire to create durable art for our outside space. With the help of books and the internet, I created a mosaic that, ten years later, still proudly hangs on my wall.

From that one piece I have continued to learn and grow: Torch-enameling so I could include custom elements in my mosaic work, then torch-enameled jewelry, and currently original-design jewelry as my main focus.

The world around me is my inspiration. I am an observer of nature, on a large and tiny scale.  When mosaicing, I will often mimic bird feathers and fish scales, leaf veins and flower petals. When creating jewelry, nature continues to inspire with colors and lines.

Follow me as my journey continues!